Entrust Wildcard OV SSL

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Entrust Wildcard OV SSL

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Entrust Wildcard OV SSL is an advanced SSL certificate that provides businesses and organizations with a secure and reliable way to protect multiple subdomains under a single certificate. With this certificate, website visitors can confidently communicate and transmit sensitive information over secure HTTPS connections.

The Wildcard OV SSL certificate offers organization validation (OV), meaning the certificate undergoes a thorough validation process to verify the legal and operational status of the company or organization. This adds an extra layer of trust and gives visitors peace of mind that they are dealing with a legitimate entity.

With a Wildcard OV SSL certificate, you can secure not only your main domain but also an unlimited number of associated subdomains. This is especially useful if your website has multiple subdomains or if you plan to add subdomains in the future. For example, the certificate covers www.domainname.com, blog.domainname.com, shop.domainname.com, and so on.

Wildcard OV SSL provides the highest level of data security through strong 256-bit encryption. This means that all data transmitted between the server and the user is fully encrypted and secure against interception or manipulation by malicious third parties.

Furthermore, the Wildcard OV SSL certificate comes with a site seal, allowing you to demonstrate that your website is secure. This provides visual confirmation to your visitors that your site is trustworthy and their privacy is protected.

With Wildcard OV SSL, you can enhance your online reputation, build customer trust, and strengthen your website’s security. It offers a comprehensive solution for securing multiple subdomains under one certificate, making it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations in need of a scalable and cost-effective security solution.

Formerly Known As


Organization validation type

Standard (OV)

Level of assurance


Number of domains included in base price


Primary type of domain support

Wildcard domain (secures all subdomains)

Other domain type supported

Non-wildcard Domain

Secures www. version of primary domain

Includes example.com + www.example.com

Maximum number of domains


Browser support


Customer service

24/5 follow the sun

Platinum support availability


Server licensing




SHA-2/ RSA 2048-bit key support


ECC support


Maximum certificate validity period

1 year (13 months)

Subscription term

1-3 Years


€799.00 per year

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