Digital signing

Secure Email S/MIME Certificate

Entrust S/MIME certificates secure email communication through end-to-end encryption and identify the sender with a digital signature. Entrust offers automated deployment of S/MIME certificates that can be scaled to meet the latest industry requirements and multiple use cases.

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ENTRUST S/MIME Certificate

Secure your email at any scale.

With S/MIME certificates, you can digitally sign and encrypt your emails and attachments, protecting individuals and organizations from email-based attacks and data breaches. An enterprise can comply with various privacy and security regulations. Entrust’s escrow capabilities mitigate the risk of private key loss or theft, reducing the chances of businesses facing high fines or penalties for non-compliance.

Entrust provides automation capabilities that allow enterprises with a large number of employees to automate deployment and manage the lifecycle of S/MIME certificates.

Benefits of Entrust S/MIME Certificates

Entrust Secure Email Certificates provide:

  • The highest level of security for electronic communication.
  • Identity validation for organizations or individuals.
  • Digital signing that proves the message’s origin and that it hasn’t been tampered with during delivery.
  • Encryption that ensures the message is securely transmitted to the intended recipient.

S/MIME Functions