Meet the YubiKey

The Multi-protocol YubiKey provides strong two-factor, multi-factor, and passwordless authentication.

The YubiKey can be easily used to secure access to a wide range of applications by adding a second authentication layer.

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Where can the YubiKey be used?

The YubiKey can be used to secure access to a wide range of applications, including remote access and VPN, password managers, computer login, FIDO2 U2F login (Gmail, GitHub, Dropbox, etc.), content management systems, popular online services, and much more.

Set YubiKey to your Application

Why the YubiKey?

Prevent your account from being taken over by malicious actors by adding a second factor.

This prevents a hacker from logging into an account with just a username and password.

It works immediately, without the need to re-enter password codes from a device – replaces SMS messages, authenticator apps, outdated OTP tokens, and similar devices.

How can I use the YubiKey?

How can I set up the YubiKey?

Select your application with which you want to use your YubiKey below. You will be redirected to the application’s website to see the instructions. For a full list of supported applications, please refer to Yubico’s website.

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