Entrust Multi-domain EV SSL

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Entrust Multi-domain EV SSL

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Multi-Domain EV SSL is an advanced security certificate used to protect multiple domain names with the highest level of trust and encryption. With this certificate, businesses can secure multiple domains, subdomains, and even different websites with a single SSL certificate, saving costs and simplifying security management.

This certificate provides the highest level of verification and trust because it undergoes the Extended Validation (EV) process. This means that the certificate authority conducts a thorough investigation into the company behind the websites applying for the certificate. During this process, legal, physical, and operational aspects of the company are scrutinized to ensure its legitimacy and domain ownership.

Multi-Domain EV SSL allows businesses to display a green address bar in modern web browsers, indicating that the website is safe and trustworthy. This enhances visitor trust and reduces the risk of phishing attacks and identity theft.

Moreover, Multi-Domain EV SSL also provides the highest level of encryption to ensure data confidentiality. It uses robust 256-bit encryption and offers an encrypted connection between the web server and the user’s browser, allowing sensitive information like login credentials and credit card data to be securely transmitted.

With the ability to secure multiple domains, Multi-Domain EV SSL is ideal for businesses with various online properties, such as e-commerce websites, online portals, or websites with multiple brands. It enables them to protect all their domains without acquiring and managing separate SSL certificates for each domain.

In summary, Multi-Domain EV SSL offers advanced security, trust, and encryption for multiple domains, enabling businesses to effectively safeguard their online operations and increase their customers’ confidence

Organization validation type

Extended (EV)

Level of assurance


Primary type of domain support

Non-wildcard domains

Other domain type supported


Secures www. version of primary domain

Includes example.com + www.example.com

Customer service

24/5 follow the sun

Platinum support availability


Server licensing




SHA-2/ RSA 2048-bit key support


ECC support


Maximum certificate validity period

1 year (13 months)

Subscription term

1 – 5 years


€429 per year


1 Jaar, 2 Jaar, 3 Jaar

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