Firefox 60 launch with YubiKey support

Mozilla has launched a new version of firefox that supports log-in via usb tokens on websites, sponsored content and Windows Group Policy. Firefox is the first browser to support the new security standard, Web Authentication (WebAuthn).

Firefox 60 is the first browser that supports the Web Authentication API. This programming interface allows users to log into websites via a USB token, such as a YubiKey, without having to enter a password. It is also still possible to use it as a second factor. According to Mozilla, Web Authentication offers an extra layer of security. However, the feature only works on websites that support Web Authentication.

In addition to usb tokens, Web Authentication will also support smartphones or biometric features in the future, such as logging in via face recognition or fingerprints. At this moment, only usb tokens are supported. Users can connect their YubiKey, after which they are read by the website. Then the user is automatically logged into his account.

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