Good news for Apple users

We have good news for Apple users: yesterday, as part of iOS 16.3, Apple announced the support of security keys for Apple ID accounts – so grab your iPhone and your YubiKey and turn it on today!

With more than 95% of active iCloud accounts currently using two-factor authentication, the availability of support for security keys could have a huge impact on everyone’s approach to cybersecurity modernization.

Apple has allowed users to take their security into their own hands by enabling security keys, stating that physical security keys take their two-factor authentication even further to prevent even an advanced attacker from obtaining a user’s second factor in a phishing scam. They made it very clear that not all multi-factor authentication (MFA) is created equal. Vulnerabilities with outdated forms of MFA, such as SMS, TOTPs, and mobile apps, remain targets and victims of data breaches, with attackers at record numbers in 2022. 90% of breaches can be linked to stolen credentials, and YubiKeys can give users the control to protect themselves against phishing attacks with the trusted gold standard of authentication, and we are pleased with the release from Apple.

We will soon publish a comprehensive guide on how to secure your Apple ID with your YubiKey.

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