Security Key NFC by Yubico

Yubico has added a new Security Key to the Security Key Series with exceptional security and durability for FIDO2 and U2F, with USB and NFC.

Overview Security Key NFC

The security key NFC works by default with hundreds of services that already support FIDO U2F and FIDO2 authentication protocols, including Microsoft (for passwordless login), Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, a growing list of password managers and many more FIDO2 and U2F compatible websites. A single Security key offers the possibility to protect a user online for an unlimited number of services. No additional software is required for the Security Key NFC and the authentication is simple, fast and reliable. Place the NFC security key in a USB port and authenticate with a simple touch, or tap the Security Key NFC on an NFC device for quick, easy and secure authentication. The Security Key NFC does not require batteries, has no moving parts and is hermetically sealed. One-piece reinforced plastic reinforced glass reinforces Yubico’s extremely durable security key.

Highlights of Security Key NFC

  • Works with Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS operating systems and browsers that support U2F or FIDO2 FIDO certified
  • Supported protocols: U2F and FIDO2
  • Secure element hardware to protect the cryptographic keys.
  • Crypto algorithms: ECC p256
  • Interface: USB-A
  • Size: 18 mm x 45 mm x 3.35 mm
  • Weight: 3.6 g
  • BIS classification: ECCN EAR99 CCATS: G176443

The new Security Key NFC is available now in our webshop:

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