Privacy Backcover Black iPhone 14 Pro

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Privacy Backcover Black iPhone 14 Pro with Camera Protection front and back

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From the bedroom to the bathroom, our smartphones accompany us everywhere. With the built-in ultra-wide angle cameras with automatic night mode on the front and back of our iPhone, a large part of our lives is captured without us noticing. Take back control of your Privacy with Valenta’s Spy Fy privacy cover, which allows you to close off the camera on the back and your selfie camera. This will reduce any potential anxiety, but also protect your cameras from damage and scratches. Additionally, facial recognition remains usable.


  • Easy camera sliding system for both front and back
  • 2-meter drop-tested
  • Integrated honeycomb system
  • TPU housing
  • Matte black color
  • Raised edges on the sides
  • Gunsmoke colored details as buttons
  • Microfiber interior camera slide
  • Privacy print on the inside
  • Supports wireless charging


  • By using the simple camera sliding system on the front and back, you prevent anyone from spying on your cameras and take back control of your privacy.
  • Use your iPhone as you normally do. The Privacy Case sliding system does not impede the use of your iPhone. Face ID is still usable, and the sliding system on the back has an opening for your flashlight!
  • The raised edges on the sides and integrated honeycomb system provide military-grade protection against drops and impacts for your iPhone.
  • The microfiber interior camera slide on the back prevents scratches on the camera lens. The front camera slide is made of smooth TPU and also prevents scratches on the camera lens.
  • The smooth TPU housing provides an ideal fit and complements the design of the iPhone.
  • Minimalistic, sleek, and simple; the smart Dutch design proves that function doesn’t have to be sacrificed for style. The discreet camera protection focuses on what is really important and essential, privacy!
  • Protect your iPhone and your privacy with the iPhone Privacy Case from Valenta x Spy-Fy®.
Article number




Drop resistant

2 meter

Phone case type

Back Cover, Privacy Case





Type of protection

External Protection

Wireless charging

Yes (Not MagSafe)


iPhone 14 Pro

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