This device allows you to charge safely from any USB socket with no risk of data transfer to/from your device. Simply plug your charging cable into one end, and the DataBlocker into your USB-C charging port.

Blocks all data transfer

With the data blocker your device will not go into ‘data transfer’ mode if connected to a computer, so you can use a computer just like a mains charger. This also prevents data hacking and any risk of viruses being loaded onto your device when charging from an unknown/public USB socket.


Built in chip detects the type of device which is connected and swaps between Apple, Universal and Samsung charging specifications. This prevents the blocker from slowing down charging and can increase charging speed if your charger is sending the wrong signal, eg charging an iPad from a ‘universal’ wall adaptor.

*The DataBlocker is not compatible with extra fast charging technologies such as ‘Qualcomm Quick Charge’ ‘Samsung adaptive fast charge’ as these require data transfer to be enabled.

Laser etched Logo

The DataBlocker has a lase etched ‘No Data’ logo so you can be sure its a genuine blocker. Through the inspection window you can easily see that the data transfer pins have been removed. This way you can be sure that no data transfer can take place and you can charge without worry.

Compact design

Measuring just 18x11mm, its a similar size to a cable’s USB connector so it won’t block neighbouring sockets.

Weight 18 g
Dimensions 89 × 110 × 10 mm
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